3 Rules For Successful Commercial Interiors

Commercial Interior Design in Petaluma

Your building’s interior is one of the first things many people will notice about your workspace. An incohesive or cluttered interior can affect peoples’ perception of your brand, leading them to believe that you don’t care about your brand image.

Every business owner must create a well-designed interior that is an extension of their brand identity. A well-designed commercial building can project a company’s corporate image.

Here are some rules for creating a winning commercial interior design in Petaluma.

Think Ahead

When designing your interiors, think ahead. Before starting to create a space plan, think about your business’s evolving needs. Create flexible spaces with versatile structures that can be easily moved or replaced with new structures if the need arises in future.

A flexible space will ensure that any changes to the interiors can be introduced with minimal effort when you want to give your business a facelift or incorporate new technology.

Consider Technology Implementation

When designing a space, consider what type of technology you will be using in it. Do you plan to install projectors and screens in the area? Will there be speakers, integrated tablets or computers in it? Or will the area house a centralized control system?

Once you have determined what type of AV devices you want to use in the space, think of ways to conceal unsightly wires and other stuff that can make the area look cluttered. Consider the type of technologies you plan to procure in future and plan accordingly.

Ensure Safety

Every business owner should strive to create a safe workplace for their employees. Oftentimes, business owners get so obsessed with aesthetics that they forget workplace safety. This could prove to be a catastrophic mistake.

Business owners have a moral and legal obligation to keep their employees safe. If a mishap occurs and it is found that you neglected safety when designing your interiors, the aggrieved parties may hold you liable for damages or authorities may slap you with a hefty fine. If the news gets out, your reputation may take a serious hit.

When designing your interiors, ensure safety compliance. Make sure all building codes are followed. Here are some design tips to ensure safety.

➢ Make sure your workplace has at least one emergency exit
➢ Use tabletops with rounded edges instead of sharp angled edges. Tabletops with rounded edges can help prevent several avoidable injuries
➢ Install grab bars on the walls next to couches so people with mobility impairments can use them for support while standing up
➢ Arrange loose cords properly to prevent slips, trips and falls
➢ Replace any slick floor tiles with slip-resistant options

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