Modern Office Design in San Rafael

Office layout matters! It can affect employee productivity, well-being, engagement, and morale. A well-designed layout makes it easy for employees to move around and complete tasks more effectively and quickly. The right modern office design in San Rafael fosters creativity and collaboration.

Whether you are designing a new layout from the ground up or plan to rejig an existing layout, consider these factors.

Employee Privacy

Employees hate it when someone overhears their conversations or peeps into their screen. A Lack of privacy can affect employee morale and productivity, creating a toxic work environment. For many employees, privacy is a matter of necessity rather than choice. They need an environment where they can concentrate and focus without the fear of someone invading their privacy.

When designing a new layout, make sure the privacy of employees who have a cabin and are able to close their doors is not compromised. Do not get carried away by trends and fads. Instead, consider the needs of your employees when designing your layout. If you are considering an open office plan, think about how the layout will affect your employees before putting your ideas into action.

Remember, while popular and trendy, open office layout is not for every business.

Meeting Space

It’s a good idea to create a separate meeting area for formal and informal meetings.

If you have limited space, ask your designer how the same space can accommodate both larger, formal meetings and smaller, informal meetups in the most efficient way possible.


Various studies have shown that office lighting can affect employee productivity, morale, well-being and satisfaction. More natural light means enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction and lower energy bills. Come up with a plan to maximize natural light in your workplace.

If the office location makes it difficult for you to add more natural space to your office, get around the roadblock by using artificial lights to create a positive work environment. Use LED lights that mimic natural light, consume less power, and do not cause headaches. T

Navigation and Space

Fire safety is a major consideration in designing an office layout. When designing your navigation, consider your evacuation plan and fire code.

Navigation can also affect collaboration and team management. An effective navigation enables employees to collaborate and perform better, while accommodating growth. Use a flexible layout that can scale with your business.

Consider varying work environments. Make sure there are spaces where people working on collaborative projects and individual projects can run brainstorming sessions. Need help creating the right office layout in San Rafael? Facilities By Design has got you covered. We have years of experience creating customized layouts that fit the unique needs of our clients. To discuss your project with our team, call our office at (707) 580-1362.