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The interior design of a workspace has a major impact on employee mood, productivity, and efficiency. A clean, clutter-free workspace makes a positive first impression on visitors and clients alike. Use your space to create a positive work environment for your employees and clients.

Creating a commercial interior design is no easy task, there are a large array of factors to be considered with each unique project. With the right partner, you can take the first steps towards creating a workspace that your employees that looks and feels fantastic.

If you’re looking for the best commercial interior design firm near you, you’ve come to the right place. Facilities By Design stands a cut above the competition. Below are just several of the factors we consider when helping you rejuvenate or redesign your workspace.

Use Multiple Colors

When choosing a color scheme for your workspace, consider the type of environment you want to create. The composition of colors you use when creating a workspace can define the mood that the room helps set.

Studies have shown that colors can affect our psychological and emotional state. They can impact human behavior, moods, and performance. This is doubly important for a workplace where you want the color scheme to help visitors experience the right emotion or feeling while in your business.

For example, blue instills trust. Using blue wallpaper or painting your walls blue can foster team collaboration. Beyond trust, blue also has a calming effect. Many businesses use color to create a calm work environment. You can also see this prevalent in many company’s logos.

Green boosts creativity and can help employees enter the right headspace for a creative brainstorming session. Bright colors such as orange and yellow are used to incorporate dynamism into a workplace and boost employees’ energy as they help create vibrant contrast.

Space Out the Layout

Cramming employees into small spaces kills productivity and impacts mood. If you have a small space, design your layout in a way to space out employees by learning how to do more with less. Be creative with your storage units and organization of workstations.

Use wall cabinets instead of huge, traditional cabinets that may take up a lot of space. The saved floor space can be used to place desks. Consider creating multi-purpose designs that can serve multiple purposes to help make maximum utilization of your available space.

Use adaptable desk systems with features that allow for technology integration which can include sleek designs like sit-to-stand desks, charging ports, or other modern features that help add a touch of elegance and convenience. Many commercial office space designers recommend designating an area or two for ideation and creative thinking.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light impacts productivity and your work environment. To bring more natural light in your workspace, use multiple large windows. Ceramic, wooden, or stone floors can also be used alongside a polished finish to reflect that light back up into the space. Sleek-designed furniture can also help improve the amount of natural light by minimizing the amount blocked by large, bulky furniture. Facilities By Design is the leading commercial interior design firm near you. We have mastered the art and science of creating the right mix between aesthetic and functionality. Our team has a track record of creative solutions for common problems and will come up with design ideas to foster collaboration in your workplace. To discuss your needs, call our office at (707) 580-1362.