Space Planning in Rohnert Park

When it comes to designing the interior of an office, proper space planning is critical to success. Without space planning, you may end up creating a design that does not serve its intended purpose and falls short of your expectations.

For businesses in Rohnert Park, the objective of space planning is to ensure optimum utilization of the available space. When done properly, space planning results in a reduction in vacant space, operational cost savings, and improved space efficiency.

Here are some ways to design spaces efficiently.

Define Zones

First and foremost, define zones depending on the intended purpose of the space. When designing the kitchen for example, ask yourself these questions: 

➢ How often will the space be used?
➢ How many people will cook?
➢ Will two or more people cook together?
➢ What kind of storage and appliances are required?
➢ Do your employees prefer a dedicated dining area?

Answering these questions will help you define specific zones.

Maximize Lighting

To maximize lighting in your workplace, add new windows or replace the old ones. This is a great way to add lighting to your spaces. If installing or replacing windows is not feasible, use artificial lighting to illuminate areas.

Make sure windows are facing the right direction to allow in as much natural light as possible. When adding artificial lighting, layer it to achieve the desired level of brightness. Depending on your needs and the room you’re designing, you can use ambient lighting, task lighting, or overhead lighting. If you want to have the ability to adjust the brightness of your lighting, use dimmers.

Consider Accessibility 

Consider all of your employee’s needs when planning your space. Here are some design ideas to make your office more accessible.

➢ Make sure the path leading to the front door is wider than usual and gently sloping
➢ Replace knob handles on doors with lever handles
➢ Use skid-proof and slip-resistant tiles
➢ Install wide handrails on either side of your stairs
➢ Install adjustable or pull-out shelves in kitchens
➢ Leave ample space between workstations for wheelchairs to pass through
➢ Replace traditional desks with height and angle adjustable writing desks

Strategically Place Outlets and Switches 

To avoid seepage, place the main light outlet outside your bathroom or ground fault circuit interrupter plug points inside it near the door. To help your employees avoid inconvenience when charging their devices, provide outlets close to desks, shelves and tables.

Floor outlets eliminate the need for extension cords. To reduce tripping hazards, consider installing outlets directly in your floor.

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