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Most small businesses and startups have limited resources and cannot afford sprawling workspaces. Many business owners believe that squeezing employees into small spaces can negatively affect their productivity and morale. However, that’s not necessarily true. With proper space planning, you can make the most of a small space and help a space feel larger than it actually is.

Here are some office modern design ideas to optimize small spaces in San Rafael.

Consider Hot Desk Workspaces

Every office needs desks, which can oftentimes take up a lot of space. To maximize small office space and save money on desks, consider setting up a hot desk workspace. In hot-desking, multiple employees use the same desks at different time periods instead of every employee having their own personal desk.

In some hot desking models, every workstation has a computer, and the user logs into a virtual desktop, while in other arrangements, workers bring their own systems or store their devices in a locker room on the premises.

Hot desking can be implemented in offices as well as co-working spaces and can reduce the cost of running an office by up to 30%. Cost reduction is not the only benefit of hot desking. It promotes cross-team collaboration, gives employees autonomy, and can lead to higher team morale.

As remote work increases in workplace popularity, hot desking is a perfect option for companies considering a hybrid work model.

Use Modern Office Desks

Consider replacing traditional, bulky desks (that take up too much space and are also difficult to move) with modern office desks. A set up with modern desks will allow you to incorporate smart storage options into your office design in San Rafael.

Modern desks fit perfectly in small workspaces and frequently have various features, including storage drawers, overhead storage, built-in shelving, and slide-out keyboard trays. All of these features are designed to help the desk become a utilitarian solution for companies looking to make the most of their office space.

Make the Most of Your Walls

Add cork boards and whiteboards to your walls. Cork boards and whiteboards can be used to display memos, notices, circulars, and important documents. A whiteboard can also be utilized as a writing board during team meetings or to showcase the creativity of your staff. Whiteboards can be installed between workstations or on the walls of cubicles. The Facilities By Design team consists of experienced office designers. We have years of experience bringing our clients’ visions to life. We have mastered the art and science of combining aesthetic and functionality. To make an appointment, call us at (707) 580-1362.