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Office space is at a premium. Most small businesses and startups have limited financial resources and cannot afford sprawling workspaces.

As a business owner, you need to make the best use of the available space. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of space planning in Rohnert Park. When done correctly, space planning will not only help ensure efficient use of available space, but can help create a more productive work environment.

Growing businesses should consider making evaluating their space planninga priority. The right plan allows businesses to plan for future space modifications while making the most of what they currently have available.

Here are some tips to optimize your available space from Facilities By Design.

Consider Smart Storage Solutions

Instead of trying to expand your current space or moving to a new building, think about how you currently store things. Consider replacing huge filing cabinets with a compact and secure self-storage facility. Invest in furniture with their own compartments.

Why waste legroom under the desks? Place compact mobile pedestals under the tables so your employees have enough space to  organize their accessories. Use desks with added shelving and storage above them or tall and narrow lockers designed to help maximize vertical space.

Use Small Desks 

Your employees often store files and documents on their computers, so why use bulky desks? Big desks are passe. They take up a lot of space and, if not arranged properly, can quickly make a space look cluttered. 

If you have bulky desks, it makes sense to replace them with more compact desks. Invest in small workstations with multiple file cabinets and pencil drawers to add increased functionality without giving up on convenience. Look for smart, compact desks with different features such as overhead storage and built-in shelving.

Utilize Vertical Space

To make the most of your vertical space, use shelves that attach to the studs in the wall. Use sturdy pockets to hold files you access frequently. If you have rented office space and drilling into the wall is not an option, use smart desks with shelving above them.

Choose Lighting Wisely

Not only do uplights take up more space than many other lighting options, but they also illuminate the ceiling and create shadows everywhere. Using bulky floor lamps isn’t a good idea either. Instead, opt for overhead downlighting, such as a track with LED spots or recessed LED lighting. Facilities By Design is committed to helping businesses maximize space in every room in their offices. Whether you plan to develop a new office design from scratch or want to redesign an existing design to maximize the available space, look no further than us. To learn more, call (707) 580-1362.