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Many Americans have a workweek of 40 hours or more. For many people, their workplace has become a place where they spend the majority of their days. As employees spend considerably more time at work, employers must realize the importance of a comfortable, functional work environment.

As an employer, you must fulfill your responsibility of creating a work environment that promotes employee well-being. A comfortable work environment will foster creativity, improve productivity, and boost employee morale.

Office design plays an important role in creating a comfortable work environment. The best office designs will transform your office into a place where your employees feel empowered and motivated.

Creating a conducive work environment is not as straightforward as it may seem. If you’re running out of ideas, it makes sense to hire an office designer near you to develop an office design that will make coming into the office worth it. 

Here are some office design solutions that promote well-being, focus, and creativity.

Relaxing Interiors

COVID-19 forced businesses to put systems in place that allows their employees to work from home. As your employees return to work after a long time, they will seek the same comfort and flexibility that they had when working from their homes.

Add ergonomic office furniture such as supportive keyboards and standing desks to your workplace for a relaxing vibe. Keep both ergonomics and functionality in mind when placing furniture and space planning your office.

Personalized Spaces and Storage Options

As they begin to spend more time at work, many of your employees will want to personalize their workspaces and inject some personality into them. Look for furniture designed with personalization and mobility in mind.

When buying furniture, make sure they have stacking shelves that make it easy for users to organize their spaces the way they like. They should also be easy to move and allow for quick personalization. Use extendable tables with extendable leaves and expanding chairs that can expand into a bench. Use tall dividers to create private, enclosed workstations without walls.

Collaborative Spaces

Employees need a space where they can brainstorm, collaborate, and connect. When creating a collaborative space, think about furniture. Opt for large tables and comfortable chairs that can be adjusted to different heights.

Use versatile seating options that make it easy for employees to socialize or work on projects while abiding by social distancing norms.

Wellness Spaces

Employee wellness should be top of mind for every employer. Wellness spaces will allow your employees to relax and unwind between team meetings or when they need to take some time out of their day to look inward.

Wellness spaces should include comfy cushions to relax on, yoga mats, massage chairs, and a library full of self-improvement and self-help books. The goal of a wellness space is to offer employees an area where they can release stress or refocus their mental acuity during a busy day.

Office lighting can wear your employees out, so be cognizant and aware of the different types of lighting in your office and how it may impact your team. Install dim lighting in wellness areas to create a relaxing environment. Facilities By Design is committed to helping businesses maximize office space to improve both form and functionality. We have mastered the art and science of striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. To learn more, call us at (707) 580-1362.