Redwood Community Health Coalition (RCHC) contacted us with a request to assist them in updating their office. They were using old cubicles that showed wear and tear and the space felt very dreary. They had a quote for all new workstations but that would take their entire budget and just replicate what they had with something newer. Instead we created new space plans for them, located used work stations in good shape and left money in their budget to create new collaborative spaces and an updated reception. They were looking for a fresh, colorful new look, so we chose some vibrant colors for the walls and fabrics and spec’d some modern furniture for a fun, hip vibe. We also added some wood to their current reception desk and painted the ceiling white to warm up the dark space. We selected and installed art throughout the space and their new look really came together.

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Petaluma, CA

Project Facts

  • Reconfigured 6,704 square feet of office space
  • Project Consulting for: Space Planning and Furniture Specification
  • Project Management for: Painters, Carpet Cleaners, Wood Wall, Signage, Furniture, and Art Installation
  • Saved approx. $75,000 by acquiring used cubicles
  • Total project cost approx. $52,000

Paula's Project Thoughts...

This local health care industry client was great to work with. They came to us because they wanted more than just to replicate their existing layout with new workstations. We gave them that opportunity by locating used furniture in great condition for a fraction of the cost which left funds for new collaborative furniture and interior finish upgrades. The client was happy with the results and it was very rewarding.

Paula Stabler

Principle, Facilities By Design