Medtronic Café Lounge Space

Medtronic called us in to remodel a previously under-utilized area into a “café space,” making it more inviting for both breaks and meetings. The existing space consisted of a break area and several workstations, measuring about 220 to 230 square feet. We transformed the entire space, updating its technology and adding new cabinetry, seating areas, and flooring.

We opened up the space by building out a wall and eliminating three workstations. This gave us about 500 square feet to work with. We replaced orange sofas with café booth seating. These units are hardwired with plugs and outlets built into them and have the capability to mount a television or computer monitor for presentations at each booth. Rather than gathering around a TV wherever it happened to be plugged in at the time, employees can now give presentations and hold more formal meetings in a café booth.

The wall presented a few challenges. It had to be free and clear of existing lighting in the ceiling grid. We also included a glass partition, which serves as a dry erase whiteboard for taking notes during presentations. We included a wall wrap with a timeline that highlights the year’s main events.