Polaris initially contacted Facilities by Design for space planning a basement conversion. They wanted to convert the existing conference room, which was dark, lonely, and underutilized, into workstations for at least four employees. When we first set eyes on the space, we saw a dark and lonely area measuring just 429 square feet — too large for a conference room, yet potentially cramped for the four or more workstations Polaris required. With a limited amount of space and a desire to create individual work areas for staff, Polaris needed a professional to maximize the space plan while creating some semblance of privacy. At the same time, the environment needed to be pleasant, well-lit, and welcoming so that employees would be able to work productively. Despite our initial reservations about the basement’s size, we accepted the challenge. The end result is a cozy and brightly lit office featuring 8 private workstations with built-in storage.

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San Rafael, CA

Project Facts

  • Basement conversion into functional work space
  • Only 429 square feet of available space
  • Design included: 8 workstations, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen

Paula's Project Thoughts...

Today, Polaris has more than 6 people successfully working in their own private little environments. They are so happy with the basement conversion that they have called us back in to space plan and specify the reception area as well as their Troy location.

Paula Stabler

Principle, Facilities By Design