Pacific Private Money

When we first met with our client, Pacific Private Money, the owner told us he was a bit frazzled trying to figure out what systems furniture to order. He was moving from one building to a new building that used to be a bank. He said he spent hours looking on the internet at different products. He finally worked with a local furniture dealer and their rep drew up a furniture plan using their systems furniture, but he wasn’t really satisfied with what she proposed. Once we were hired we came up with 3 layout options for the client. We were able to get more stations in than the furniture designer and had a much better use of space. We secured pricing from multiple vendors and our price in the end came in much lower than the furniture dealer. The client had a hard time visualizing what the finished product would look like so we took him to a showroom where he could see the actual product, which made him feel much more at ease. It was also hard for him to visualize having open cubicles right next to the feature wall so we drew it up in 3D to illustrate, which was very helpful to him. We started from a blank canvas, worked through the space planning and design phase, helped him choose a color palette, then worked with his contractor and our vendors to keep the project on track through the demo phase, construction, electrical, data, furniture installation, and move.

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Novato, CA

Project Facts

Saved the client over $18,000 on furniture product. Original quote from another company (not FBD) was for 9 workstations given the current building space. Facilities by Design was able to plan and build 12 workstations plus flex space within the same area.

Paula's Project Thoughts...

The challenge on this project was to go from start to finish in a tight timeline and budget, we met the client in late January and the finished office was ready for occupancy in March. The client was most pleased with the fact that we handled everything from specification to management so he could concentrate on what he does best, running his business.

Paula Stabler

Principle, Facilities By Design