Upon getting a grant for an office expansion the Marin Agricultural Land Trust enlisted the help of Facilities By Design to determine how the money could best be used. The building was an small Victorian house in the town of Point Reyes Station which could no longer accomodate their staff and needed an architectural expansion. Before hiring an Architect and moving forward with the project, MALT decided to have Paula determine if what was needed could even be accomplished. Paula analyzed their staff workflow and helped them formulate an overall vision. It was ultimately decided that the project would work. With the assurance that the grant money would be well spent the Architect was hired and the project began. Once construction of the addition was completed Paula returned to oversee the final design of the interior space. Move Management is one of Paula’s specialties and with this knowledge she facilitated the building out of this new interior with minimal interruption to the staff.

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Point Reyes Station, CA

Paula's Project Thoughts...

It was the 11th hour of the project. Furniture was due to arrive soon and the client decided there needed to be a change. Normally, this would not have been allowed so late in the project but with my knowledge of the space and working relationship with the furniture dealer I was able to accomodate the change per the clients needs while also keeping the project on track.

Paula Stabler

Principle, Facilities By Design