The County of Napa’s Health and Human Services Agency is moving about 440 county employees to a new campus they call “South Campus,” a massive complex with four buildings in total. When the county purchased the buildings, it inherited all of the furniture owned by the previous occupants. Working in conjunction with TLCD Architecture, Facilities by Design provided space planning and move management services for two of the buildings. Though inheriting a substantial amount of furniture meant the agency didn’t need to invest a lot of money on new furniture, it posed a serious challenge for us: incorporating between 200-250 workstations and about 150 private offices’ worth of furniture into a new space where the offices got smaller and the layout changed. We were able to re-use the bulk of the furniture, saving the agency an estimated $1 to $1.2 million. Furnishing a complex of that size with all-new furniture would have easily cost at least $2 million. Facilities by Design also provided move management services, working in phases so that some groups could move in as their spaces were completed. With hundreds of employees moving to the new campus, we developed a four-phase moving plan culminating over the course of several weekends in August 2016.

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South Campus, Napa, CA

Project Facts

- Building 1 - 150,000 square feet
- Building 2 - 80,000 square feet
- Worked with TLCD Architecture
- Provided space planning and move management services
- Saved roughly $1.2 million in furniture costs by re-using most of the inherited furniture
- Moved hundreds of county employees to a massive new campus

Paula's Project Thoughts...

Beyond the sheer size of the buildings and the hundreds of employees we had to move, this project was a logistical challenge. Many of the services operate day and night such as psychiatric emergency response teams, child welfare, and 24-hour-a-day phone services. These are all services you can’t really shut down, making well-coordinated, non-disruptive partial moves a must.

Paula Stabler

Principle, Facilities By Design